Pre-Natal Massage

Pre-Natal Massage has many benefits prior to and just before birth of your little one:

  • Increases circulation
  • Assists in reduction of swelling of your limbs
  • Promotes relaxation of tight muscles and other soft tissues
  • Helps to decrease lower back pain and hip pain, as well as neck and upper back pain

As a new mom a lot is happening to your body. Changes and fluctuations in your hormones will increase hypermobility of your joints so that when the time comes to give birth you are able to hopefully do so without complications.

At Noblesville Massage Therapy we cater to the new mom by having you lie on a comfortable table with or without heat, a snuggly pillow is on the table to provide restful positioning on your back and sides.

A pregnancy support cushion will be offered soon so that you can also lie comfortably on your stomach.

*An added addition of an exfoliation to your back, feet, or hands, along with body butter and steamed towels will provide you with the best massage and relaxation experience during the duration of your pregnancy.