Neural Reset

Neural Reset Therapy was discovered and innovated by Lawrence Woods a Licensed Massage Therapist in Indiana. After years of practicing traditional massage he felt there was a better way to achieve results within the muscle without having to apply extreme force or pressure to soft tissue thus Neural Reset was born.

Neural Reset begins with the proprioceptive mechanoreceptors (receptors that sense mechanical forces), proprioceptor’s: sensory receptor’s which note the position of a specific body part in relation to space these receptors also sense internal forces acting on the body, examples include the muscle spindles the Golgi tendon organs that sense tension in muscles.

Reciprocal Inhibition is the process where the muscles on one side of a joint relax to accommodate contraction of muscles on the other side of the same joint. If this did not occur, then the muscles would both contract at the same time preventing movement.

In Neural Reset Therapy the therapist will ask for an action on the part of the client such as “hold” a certain position of the head, arm, trunk, or leg. The therapist then stimulates these mechanoreceptors embedded in a specific muscle by adding a light resistive force along with occilations to this held position; additionally, the therapist may use a reflex hammer or their fingers to tap over the area sending messages to the spinal cord and up to the brain causing a reset in the nervous system which in turn causes the muscle to lengthen and relax.

This relaxation response can last for a few days to a few weeks and is dependent upon how chronically contracted the muscle was and what type of activity the person engages in post receiving neural reset.

At Noblesville Massage Therapy we use neural reset in conjunction with an integrative approach to get the best results. My clients at first unsure of what just occurred are hooked on the technique after their first session and report major differences in how they feel.

Neural Reset used alone is done with the client fully clothed, is not dependent upon the use of lotions or oils and has a quick response time.

“I don’t know what you did but I felt great for the last two weeks.” States Cheri S.