Fishers Massage/Massage in Fishers

Fishers Massage/Massage in Fishers

Fishers Massage/Massage in Fishers


Therapy Based Wellness, DBA, Noblesville Massage Therapy moved to Fishers, IN 3 ½ years ago relocating to the Fishers Office Suites off SR 37 and 141ststreet to provide our clients with an array of conveniences.

  • Better Parking
  • Several Handicap parking spaces close to the building
  • Easy Access
  • Close to the freeway
  • Close to shopping
  • Close to restaurants and eateries around the area
  • Close to other medical offices
  • Quick entrance and exit

The Fishers Office Suites are unique and eclectic inside you will find our friendly office manager available at the front desk to help serve both the suites and customers, a directory to the right, the ambiance includes seating in the large foyer, a large fish tank as well as an industrial theme throughout, and a café to indulge in coffee or other treats.

Therapy Based Wellness, LLC; aka Noblesville Massage at the Fishers Office Suites provides services to help the client return to their previous level of function and is one of fifty suites located inside.

Manual Therapy is more than just massage and involves a certain level of expertise in assessing what is happening to the soft tissue (fascia, muscles, ligaments, tendons, nerves etc.) assessing joint movement, kinematics, neurodynamic’s, proprioception, balance, and posture.

In other words, provide a therapeutic service not just a massage treatment.   I do not accept insurance at this time; however, may in the future. I do accept HSA (health savings accounts).

Setting up a quick treatment plan, using modalities appropriately, meeting your goals and aspirations as well as resolving your pain.

Service rates and treatments are all inclusive at  Noblesville Massage in Fishers meaning you are not charged separately for use of an add on such as joint mobilization, cupping, stretching, ultrasound, Graston, gua sha, electric stimulation, exercises, or other.  Treatment times have been adjusted to allow for longer treatment sessions. If you have any questions, please call us at 317 294-0892.



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