Ergonomics is how to properly fit a worker to his/her job while reducing stressors on the body.

Over time if a worker or lay person is constantly bombarded with improper tools, improper body mechanics, over use, poor sleep, poor nutrition, poor equipment eventually the body will wear down causing both emotional and physical damage.

Ergonomics is one way to solve this issue by creating and designing proper ways to utilize the body without the wear and tear on it.

At Noblesville Massage Therapy we check the way you perform an activity and offer ergonomic solutions:

Are you constantly sitting? a versa desk maybe just what you need, or a supportive adjustable chair.

Standing? Stand on a viscoelastic mat, wear proper shoes for support.
Staring at a computer screen? Change the color of the screen (blue, green, screen is better to promote relaxation of the eyes). Adjust the height and tilt of the screen.

Typing on a key board? Texting? Talking on a mobile Phone? Modify, Adjust, and Adapt.

There are beds to position your body correctly for a good nights sleep.
Hospital type beds, the sleep number bed, t-foam mattress toppers, wedges, and bolsters.

There are pillows to support your head and neck in proper position.
The my pillow, goose feather pillows, circular pillows, t-foam pillows.

Look for a flat pillow that supports your head in a neutral position and is no higher than your shoulders.

Chairs that are adjustable.
You can find chairs inexpensively or super expensive depending on your needs at office suppliers. Staples, Office Depot, IKEA, or online

Desks that are adjustable
Versa Desk raises and lowers from sitting to standing

Voice Activation systems so you do not need to type, well maybe a little typing.
Dragon Speaking

Your body is not meant to be used as a tool for heavy lifting, carrying, pulling, pushing, hammering and so forth. Protect it and it will serve you well.