Craniosacral Work

This therapy was developed by Osteopath John Upledger.
It has been theorized that CST a light pressure no more than 5 grams applied to the skull can move the bones in the cranium and restore the balance of cerebral spinal fluid. There is no evidence of late to support this theory. With that said I have my own theories of how CST works.

  • It Is very relaxing
  • CST has an effect as most massages do on the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system
  • The sympathetic nervous system controls the fight or flight response or our response to stress and is always trying to maintain homeostasis or balance within our bodies. When we are challenged by stress our heart rate increases, blood pressure escalates, and our breathing becomes more erratic.
  • When combined with other soft-tissue work CST or craniosacral therapy helps in reducing stress, anxiety, and depression this in turn decreases the heart rate, decreases our blood pressure,and restores normal breathing.

At Noblesville Massage Therapy we utilize Craniosacral Therapy in conjunction with other therapies to help relax the muscles at the base of the skull, around the temples, the jaw, and the upper shoulders. This is turn helps to decrease muscle tightness and decreases pain of migraines, TMJ, and neck pain.